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What kind of turbo engineer are you?

Do you like to test an actual turbocharger on an engine or are you more into making advanced computer simulations behind the screen?

We have more than 10 different kinds of turbo engineering positions to choose from:

“Our company is very dynamic and very international from every aspect, whether we’re talking about business partners or its employees, both giving you the chance to learn and work within a multicultural environment.  I started working within the Quality department 5 years ago as Project Quality Engineer. During this time I was able to develop myself horizontally becoming more knowledgeable (interacting with different customers, suppliers, cross functional departments, traveling, auditing) and vertically by getting promoted to Lead Project Quality Engineer which helped me further to my current positon as Team Leader (developing my leadership skills).“

Florin Fernoagă

Team Leader Project Quality Engineering

“MTEE products, turbochargers and engines, represent the core of my studies at TU Delft, but here I am also improving my management skills, essential in order to successfully carry out any engineering project.”

Alessandro Nannarone

Student in the Turbo project management department

“Within the sales department at MTEE, I have been able to develop myself by initializing and managing global projects with European Automotive OEM’s. Overseeing all aspects of the project, being engineering, supply chain, production and quality, has given me the opportunity to learn and gain experience regarding Automotive on a high level”.

William Diepeveen

Business Developer

Working at MTEE for nearly 5 years gave me a lot of possibilities for widening my experience as a Quality Specialist. MTEE is a very mature organization with a developed structure, which gives a lot of opportunities to grow even within one department; I started as a Project Quality Engineer, then changed to Supplier Quality Development Engineer and currently I am holding a position of a Team Leader of Warranty and Service Team, which is another experience giving me a lot of exciting challenges. A lot various trainings provided within MTEE definitely helped me in making my way to my current function.

Pawel Turon

Team Leader of Warranty and Services

MTEE is a company in which there are great opportunities for development. I started 10 years ago as an application engineer, developed myself further to become project engineer, and today  I am leading my own engineering team of 13 engineers”.

Lex Winder

Engineering Team leader

“My internship at MTEE gave me insight into what an engineering job could look like. In terms of communication, responsibility, deadlines, presenting and problem solving I learned a lot. It also formed a solid basis for my graduation at MTEE which gave me the opportunity to become an application engineer at MTEE”.

Menno Wouda

Application engineer