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Meet Schedar Giovanetti. Schedar has worked at MTEE since 2018 as a Project Leader Development. Before this, Schedar spent five years working for the Fiat Chrysler Group in Italy, but decided to take a leap and move to the Netherlands and work for MTEE.

As a Project Leader Development, Schedar is responsible for bringing a turbocharger project from the moment of nomination until the start of production. My end target is to deliver the customer a validated and reliable turbocharger with the best possible quality and performance, in time for the start of series production. To achieve this task I am supported by different teams lead by a Project Engineer, a Quality Engineer and a Production Engineer. I am also in charge of the commercial agreements with the customer. This, along with the cooperation with all the different departments and teams, makes the Project Leader Development role very wide and interesting.

The current pandemic has however presented some challenges for this cooperation with customers and team members. We suddenly had to adapt to a new working style and redefine the way we communicate. Nevertheless, many targets have been achieved during this working-from-home period, and this proofs that the teams are mature. People do not need control to deliver results, but motivation. This is also what I like the most about working at MTEE, employees are given a lot of freedom and responsibility. Important decisions and tasks are delegated to the teams, and not just directed from above. There is no boundary to a good idea or suggestion. From whomever it is coming, it is always well accepted. Once in the past I was told: “you do not have enough grey hairs to talk this way”! I was simply sharing my point of view… I am sure this will never happen at MTEE.