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Turbocharger for Gasoline Applications

Being a technology driven company and having a leading market position in gasoline turbocharger technology, MHI Turbochargers is an established development partner for European engine and car manufacturers.

For many years now, MHI is supplying her gasoline turbocharger technology to the automotive market. Thin wall, high grade cast steel turbine housings with integrated exhaust manifolds and twin scroll have become standard MHI technology in series production in the market. The combination of sheet metall manifolds and steel cast turbine housings has been developed.

The central housing and the bearing system have proven to be extremely reliable under the high exhaust gas temperature conditions (1050 +). By the application of full water jacket around the bearing housing and an optimized internal heat shield, the MHI turbocharger minimizes the heat transfer from the hot turbine side into the bearing area.

The continuously increasing market requirements for gasoline applications are moving gasoline turbochargerging into variable geometry turbines. Excellent low end response, together with lambda 1 requirements over a maximum engine speed range is driving the developments. The MHI turbochargers solution for variable geometry turbines for these applications was found in the so called Variable Flow Turbine. This concept combines a simple construction with a single control valve for higher durability with an optimized design for high turbine efficiency. The MHI VFT turbocharger is available in frame sizes for the entire automotive engine range.

The continuous improvement of thermodynamics of the turbine and compressors, keeps MHI in the market lead in terms of efficiency and performance. Most of the leading engine- and car manufacturers are applying the MHI turbocharger on their todays gasoline engines and MHI has been rewarded key gasoline turbocharger projects for next generation engines coming to market in the coming 3 to 4 years.